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10 Lipstick Hacks Every Makeup Queen Needs to Know About

It has been said that a bright lipstick is the beauty equivalent of an espresso shot: bold, invigorating, and fresh. The right lipstick will turn heads and break hearts, but lipstick can also be an advanced makeup function for some of us. Lipstick often needs to be reapplied throughout the day, and it takes a steady, experienced hand to draw well. Regardless of the skill level though, we think that lipstick is the one beauty item that no girl should live without. We want everyone to feel comfortable rocking any lip color of their choice, so we’ve put together some tips and tricks of the trade for a fabulous pout all day.

Prime your lips!

Have you applied lipstick and immediately noticed that it started sticking to the drier parts of your lips? It looks awful, and the pilling is nearly impossible to smooth. Before you even pick up your lipstick tube, there are two essential steps of the priming process that will ensure your lips are color-ready: exfoliating and moisturizing. Rubbing a lip scrub or a soft toothbrush across your lips to remove dead skin will exfoliate nicely. After your lips are smooth, apply Shea butter with a Q-tip, and let it sink in for a few minutes.

Lip liner is your BFF

Not only does lip liner help to provide a defined shape and sharp edges to your lips, it also provides a base that your lipstick can adhere to. To create a fuller lip, draw your lip liner slightly outside the natural line. Fill in the whole lip, and blend if necessary. If you want to stay on top of the current trends, grab a clear lip liner as well, and draw just outside your colored liner – this will ensure that no color bleeds onto your skin once all your products are applied.

Apply your lipstick with a brush

Carrying a tube of lipstick around is great when you’re on the go, but it’s not the most precise way to apply your makeup. Instead, use a small concealer or lip brush to apply product from your tube directly onto your lips. This will give you greater accuracy, control, and you’ll be able to apply far less product. This means that your lipstick will last for longer, and you’ll have a much more even coverage.

Set with powder, and repeat

Another one of great lipstick hacks is setting your lipstick with powder, it is just like setting your foundation. It keeps your product in place, and creates a nice matte finish. Setting is also the ultimate key to keeping your lipstick on lockdown from morning to night. After you have applied powder, follow with a second layer of lipstick. Set again, and repeat. A few layers of lipstick and setting powder will ensure that you have a fortress of lipstick protection for many hours.

Use concealer to smooth edges

This is one of those lipstick hacks that makeup artists don’t want you to know! Okay, they probably don’t care. But it’s a great lipstick hack for ensuring smooth, crisp lines. After you have applied your liner and lipstick to your satisfaction, use concealer and a fine-tipped brush to fix any imperfections at the corners and lines.

Use your lipstick as blush

Lipstick is pretty versatile, and it’s time we embraced it for what it really is: a multi-tool! Instead of packing your purse with three months’ worth of makeup, bring one versatile lipstick and take advantage of its many functions. The right lipstick can be applied not only to your lips, but also to your cheeks, as a blush. Simply dot, and blend thoroughly. It can even be used as eye shadow! Always remember to apply in moderation, and build up layers as needed.

Mix loose eye shadow and Vaseline for DIY lipstick

Sometimes, it’s hard to find that perfect shade. You can picture it exactly in your head, and visions of it dance in your dreams – but you can’t find it anywhere. It almost exists at Sephora, but the swatch comes out too pink, and the closest shade at MAC is far too shimmery. It sounds like it is time for a DIY lipstick – and it’s easier than you think! Simply take a loose powder (or broken eye shadow) and crush/mix in a small bowl. Add Vaseline to your desired consistency. If the color isn’t quite right, try adding a few other pigments! Mad-scientist as necessary until you’ve created the lipstick you always wanted.

Avoid lipstick marks on your glass

This is one of those practical lipstick hacks that can be useful during social occasions. It happens to us all: you take one sip of a drink, and your glass looks like a grandson’s cheek at Christmas. While it is nice to always know which drink is yours, it would certainly be a little classier to keep your glass lipstick-free throughout the evening. Luckily, we’ve figured out the trick, and it’s absurdly simple: lick the rim before drinking to avoid lipstick marks! The water on the surface of the glass will create a friction-free surface, so that the lipstick has nothing to grip. A quick wipe with your napkin, and your glass will sparkle once again!

Use the finger blot

There’s nothing more embarrassing or basic than getting lipstick (that you painstakingly applied) on your teeth, but we’ve all been there at least once. While you’ve probably seen your mom and your grandmother blot their lipstick with a tissue (and this is still a great method, do this too!), we have another fix. Take your finger, wrap your lips around it, and slowly pull it out. All the lipstick that would have transferred to your teeth will be wiped off on your finger, and your smile will be flawless!

For an illusion of fuller lips, try an ombré

Choose two different shades of lipstick, and work inwards with the darker shade. Make sure to line with a dark pencil first! At the center of the upper and lower lip, add the lighter shade, and blend the two together gently. Blot, and set with a powder if necessary. For an extra pop, add gloss or glitter to the center of the lips as well. The gradient of color will act as a visual illusion to make your lips look full and gorgeous.

What are your favorite lipstick hacks?

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