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10 Little makeup hacks that can make a big difference

It’s makeup hack time again! We love saving time and money and making life just a tiny bit simpler, so we are always in the lookout for new makeup tips and tricks. Whether it’s making makeup last for longer, simplifying your morning routine, or finding unexpected uses for everyday objects; if it helps us look great with less effort, we are all for that. Here are ten tiny little makeup hacks that could make a huge difference to your life.

1. Warm up mascara for smoother application

Here’s a little trick that will make your mascara glide on smoothly with no clumps. Just tuck your tightly closed mascara bottle in a cup of slightly warm water, while you are doing the rest of your makeup and that will warm it up enough to make it much easier to apply. Alternatively, roll it between the palms of your hands a few times and that will do the same thing. What you don’t want to do is pump the brush up and down because that will just create air bubbles in the mascara.

2. Save money on makeup brushes

If you want to save money on makeup brushes, head on down to your local craft store. Many paint brushes are the same type of shapes as makeup brushes and the quality is just as good. The only real difference is that you pay a lot less for paint brushes from a craft store than you would for makeup brushes from the makeup counter.

3. Look down to apply eyeliner

Want to avoid creases when you apply gel eyeliner? Lower your mirror so that you have to look down when you apply eyeliner and then your eyelid will be fully exposed and there won’t be any folds. It’s simple, but effective, and you won’t get any more annoying creases in your eyeliner.

4. The right way to use an eyebrow pencil

The best way to use an eyebrow pencil and not have it look completely unnatural is to use it very lightly to just colour in any sparse parches. Use very light strokes of the pencil over those areas of your eyebrows that are a bit thin. If you use hard strokes and you colour in the whole of your eyebrow, it will look too bold and unnatural.

5. How to get super-smooth lips?

To get super-smooth lips every day, brush your lips gently with a toothbrush and a little bit of coconut oil before you apply any lipstick. This will remove any loose flakes of skin and moisturise at the same time. When you apply your lipstick, it will go on perfectly smooth. This works especially well if you are using a bold colour of lipstick, which would make any flakes or cracks in the skin even more noticeable.

6. Set makeup with rose water

If you want to make makeup stay put and look fresh, a light spray of rose water will fix it firmly in place. Spray the rose water up into the air and then let it fall back down onto your face. Keep your eyes and mouth firmly closed though! It will refresh and set your makeup and make it last a lot longer. It will also help to stop a shine developing later in the day as well.

7. Apply blush before lipstick or eyeshadow

To avoid getting clashing shades of makeup that might look a bit clownish, apply colour to your cheeks before you apply any lipstick or eye makeup. If you do that, you will be able to see easily what shade of eye and lip colour will go best with your blusher.

8. Use olive oil as a makeup remover

Perfectly natural and perfectly gentle, olive oil makes a great alternative to store bought makeup removers. It effectively removes all traces of makeup and it also moisturises and nourishes your skin too. Give it a try; we think you’ll love the results.

9. How to cover blemishes and acne scars

To completely cover scars and blemishes, try this double application approach.  Apply a layer of concealer first and then dust over the top of that with a matte powder. Then, apply a second layer of concealer and dust that with powder as well. Blend well in and give it a final dusting of powder, and blemishes and scars will have disappeared from sight.

10. How to apply bronzer?

Here’s how to apply bronzer so that it will look perfectly natural and contour your face beautifully. When you are applying bronzer, apply it the shape of the number 3. Begin with the top of the number 3 coming across your hairline and then take the middle of the 3 just under your cheekbones. The bottom of the 3 should then fall across your jaw line. Contouring made simple!

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