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10 Makeup hacks on how to make makeup last all day

You’d have hoped that, with all the effort that you make in the morning perfecting your makeup, it would at least have the decency to stay put until the afternoon, but no such luck! More often than not, by the time you reach mid-morning, and you check in a mirror, your makeup will have started to fade. Believe it or not, there are some simple tricks that will make makeup last a lot longer. Here are ten amazing makeup hacks that will keep your makeup looking perfect all day long.

1. Start with an oil free base

The first thing you need to know, if you want your makeup to last the distance, is that makeup will never adhere properly, if you apply it on top of oily skin. If you do apply your makeup and your skin is oily, the makeup will simply melt and run. To avoid a makeup meltdown, cleanse your face first, with a gentle cleanser, and then apply an oil-free moisturiser. After you have applied the moisturiser, wait for a good three or four minutes before you apply any makeup, so that the moisturiser has a chance to sink into your skin.

2. Exfoliate regularly

Another reason that makeup doesn’t last and doesn’t look as good as it might, could be that you are not exfoliating your skin. If you have dead skin cells underneath your makeup, it will cause imperfections in the makeup and the makeup won’t last so long. Exfoliate at least once a week and that will keep the dead skin cells to a minimum and it will also make your skin look clearer and brighter.

3. Use a primer

If you use a primer, your makeup will last a lot longer and it will look better too. It might seem like using primer is a tedious extra step, but it will make your skin look smoother by filling up the pores, and it will provide a good base for your makeup to adhere to. It also helps to smooth out any blemishes and imperfections, so it really is worth the extra couple of minutes a day it will take to apply.

4. Layer with powder

A trick that makeup artists use to make any makeup look great for longer is to layer, or sandwich it. If you apply a powder of the same shade, over the top of any cream or liquid based makeup, it will make that makeup stay looking as it should for hours longer.

5. Eyeliner can be set with eyeshadow

One of great makeup tricks that involve applying powder over the top of liquid based makeup is to set your eyeliner with some eyeshadow of a similar colour. When you put eyeshadow on top of eyeliner, it soaks up any oils that may be present in the eyeliner and sets it fast. It will help to stop eyeliner running, it will help to stop smudging, and it will make the eyeliner look more pronounced.

6. Blot your foundation

It is oil that makes makeup slide off your face, so the more you can do to keep oil to a minimum the better. When you apply foundation, some oil or moisture may be left on the surface, so blot it gently with a clean tissue to soak that excess oil up before you apply any more makeup. It won’t remove any of the foundation, but it will ensure that you have a dry surface on which to apply the next layer of makeup.

7. Use waterproof mascara

We are not revealing any big secret with this one, but if you are not using waterproof mascara you are missing a trick. The main reason that mascara doesn’t last is that it gets damp. That can be through tears, sweat, or just the humidity in the air. Use waterproof mascara and it will stay put for far longer.

8. Make an outline for your lipstick

Before you apply lipstick, draw an outline with a pencil and then fill it in and that will help prevent the lipstick feathering. When you apply your lipstick, use a brush and apply several thin coats, rather than one thick one. If you use a brush, the lipstick will sink further into the fine lines in your lips and that will help it to stay on for much longer.

9. Keep your hands away from your face during the day

Touching your face, even very lightly, could smudge your makeup and it will leave tiny traces of dirt and oil on your skin. However clean you think your hands are, your fingers get oily and, if you are one of those ladies who has the habit of touching your face, then that oil will eventually make your makeup start to come off. Sit on them, put them in your pockets, do whatever you need to do, but get out of that habit of touching your face with your fingers because it’s ruining your makeup.

10. Set your makeup with translucent powder

You can lock your makeup firmly into place by setting it with a light dusting of translucent powder, or you could use a makeup setting spray. If you have neither to hand, spray a little water into the air and let it settle on your face and that will set your makeup too.

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