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How to apply matte lipstick? 10 Tips for the perfect matte lip

Gloss is great and balm is beautiful, but what we really want to rock at the moment is the perfect matte lip. There’s something oh-so cool about a perfectly lined, matte to the touch mouth, and it’s a beauty trend that is apparently here to stay. We first saw the look creep up on catwalks in Autumn/Winter, all vampish purples and drop-dead reds, but now we’re seeing matte lips in summer shades. Pastels, pinks and bright pops of colour are the new way to wear this trend, and we’re here to show you how to nail the look. Read on for the coolest make-over your lips have seen in a while! Let’s look at tip rips on how to apply matte lipstick like a pro.

Back to basics

The foundation of ANY good lip look is to have a well primed, even base. This means that dry, flaky lips need to be dealt with before you even think about applying a matte lipstick, which will only dry out your lips further. So a great tip on how to apply matte lipstick like a pro is to create the perfect base; for this use an old toothbrush to gently scrub away dead skin, before applying a thick layer of hydrating lip balm. Let the product soak in completely before coming at your lips with any colour, and we guarantee your lipstick will look a lot more polished and ‘done’.

Prime, prime, prime

If the colour of your natural lips is quite dark, and you want to rock a candy coloured shade of matte lipstick, you’re going to need a slightly creamy foundation or concealer to neutralise the base colour. After properly preparing your lips as in step 1, apply a TINY amount of foundation or concealer to your pout to cancel out any strong colours. The base coat will mean the pigment of your matte lip colour is way stronger, and will make the look last even longer. Bonus!

Blot like a pro

Another useful tip on how to apply matte lipstick like a pro is to apply the product in one thin layer and blot after its application. Using a tissue, cotton pad or blotting paper to soak up any moisture present on the lips is really important if you want your look to be completely shine-free. You can also use a small amount of translucent powder on a fluffy powder brush to do the same thing- just gently dab on the lips. (Psst, make sure to use a brush you don’t mind getting lipstick on, as a tiny bit of product will transfer onto the bristles).

Choose the right formula

There’s no point in using a super shiny lipstick to achieve a matte look, as the formula of the product will contain a lot more castor oil, an ingredient used to uphold as much moisture and shine as possible. Instead, search the drug store for a lipstick with the word ‘matte’ on the tube, as these usually contain special ingredients, which are filling agents used for their mattifying properties.

Line your lips

If you’re using a bright lipstick like pink, coral or red, one of amazing tips on how to apply matte lipstick and achieve a stand-out, defined look is to line your lips before applying the lipstick. Line your lips with a colour similar to that of the lipstick, unless you’re going for a red, which can be difficult to match. If red is your thing, just use a lip liner in a shade close to your natural lip colour to go around your lips. As a bonus, slightly over-draw the liner to make your pout appear fuller.

Clean up your act

Next tip on how to apply matte lipstick like a pro is to clean up. Once you’ve applied your liner and mattifying lipstick, clean up any mistakes with a cotton bud soaked in eye make-up remover. Gently run the cotton bud around your lips to remove any smudges, before applying a line of concealer around the outline of your mouth. Gently blend the concealer in to the rest of your foundation, taking care not to re-smudge the lipstick. This step is important in ensuring your matte lips stand out, and aren’t compromised by any distracting smears or smudges of colour.

Highlight the centre of your lip

A top tip that we love at Beauty and Tips on how to apply matte lipstick like a pro is to use a tiny dab of highlighter in the centre of your bottom lip to make your pout look fuller. This trick is especially useful when using a matte lipstick, which can flatten your lips and make the lips appear smaller than they actually are. Apply a small dot of white eyeshadow or other highlighting powder to the middle of your bottom lip, and check out the difference. We reckon you’ll be impressed!

If you have thin lips, avoid dark colours

If you weren’t blessed with a voluptuous pout, (us neither), don’t worry – you can still rock a matte lip! Thinner-lipped gals should go for brighter colours, such as candy pink, lilac, and taupe, rather than reds or purples, which greatly define your lips and make smaller lips more noticeable. Applying a coloured lipstick is totally on trend this spring/summer, so you’ll fit right in!

Keep the rest simple

After implementing the above tips and putting in so much effort, you should really let your matte lips do the talking and keep the rest of your make-up simple. A slick line of eyeliner and lashes curled with a layer or two of mascara are all you need to compliment the look. Keep your base simple, and avoid too much highlight or sparkly blusher which could clash with your masterpiece.

Apply a lip coat on top

Our final tip on how to apply matte lipstick like a pro is to finish the process right. A really simple and effective way to seal your matte lipstick is to invest in a mattifying lip coat that you can brush on top of your lipstick. The formula is designed to work in the same way as a clear polish over your usual nail polish, and will keep your lipstick on for hours. It even works when you’re drinking, eating or for the lucky ones amongst us – kissing! A tube usually costs less than a coffee and can be found in any good drugstore, so have a hunt.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading these tips and that you’re inspired to rock your own matte lip this season!

Do you have other tips on how to apply matte lipstick?

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