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7 Lipstick Types and their Uses

We love wearing lipsticks, but admit it, we are clueless about what to use and when. Some women have complained about dry and patchy lips when used ultra-matte lipstick in winters while some complained about bleeding when they used moisturizing lipsticks in summers. So these are our persistent lipstick blunders, aren’t they? So I’ve gathered information and decided to put a write-up here telling you about the type of lipsticks that are available in the market and what their uses are.

These days lipsticks are not a mere stick of color. It contains so many other things which claim to produce many effects and characteristics.

1. Moisturizing lipsticks
People with dry skin should go for this kind of lipsticks as it keeps your lips soft and supple. These lipsticks are enriched with Vitamin E, Glycerin, and aloe vera. They give your lips a soft and shiny appearance.

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2. Satin and Sheer lipsticks
One of the choices is the sheer and satin lipsticks. They moisturize the lips while giving it a glossy appearance. They are packed with high oil ingredients, this is one of the reasons why such lipsticks appear darker in the package than on the lips. It needs to be reapplied many times as the single coat of it is not enough to give your lips rich colour. One of the drawbacks of these lipsticks which I personally feel is that they don’t last for long and come with a little coverage.

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3. Matte lipstick
They are a complete paradox of satin and sheer lipsticks. They don’t impart any shine to the lips at all. The colour is deep, opaque and non-shiny and makes your lips naturally darker. It also has an effect of making lips look thinner than they are. So for the women who have fuller lips (including me) prefer matte lipsticks. They last longer than the moisturizing and satin and sheer lipsticks. For those who have dry skin, it’s non-moisturizing property can be a major drawback.

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4. Cream lipsticks
Women who have small lips prefer this kind of lipsticks. This lipstick is creamy and doesn’t come with any shine. It imparts a smooth and creaseless look on the lips. You can also use clear lip gloss to add the shine you want. These lipsticks contain more wax in order to protect lips and also soothe the dry lips problems. So ladies with dry skin woes can definitely opt for it.

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5. Pearl and Frosted lipstick
Frosted lipsticks contain sparkles and shimmers. They are designed specially to reflect light and create a gem-like effect on your lips. The only drawback about this lipstick is that it makes your lips a little heavy, cracked and dry. So the ones who have naturally oily skin and lips can go for it. But for the dry lips peeps, it is advised to moisturize your lips thoroughly before applying this lipstick.

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6. Gloss Lipstick
This is one of the most popular and most used lipsticks of all the types. For women with thin as well as small lips, this is no less than a boon. They create an illusion of fuller lips due to shine it adds to your lips and enhance the dimension of depth. It can also be combined with your favourite lipstick to add shine to your lips. Girls with thick and fuller lips are advised not to use gloss until and unless you want to look like Uncle Scrooge!

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7. Long wearing and transfer-resistant lipsticks
These are my favourite kind of lipsticks. Being a working woman and hardly finding time to re-apply my lipstick, I find this type of lipstick the best of a kind. These lipsticks are specially designed to keep your lips perfect for 4-8 hours. Some even provide longer lasting effects like Lakme 9 to 5 Matte Lipstick. They don’t smudge or leave your lips until you eat something oily. Some of them also contain moisturizer to keep your lips hydrated.

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Here are few tips and tricks that every Lipstick wearing girl can try:

Tip #1: If you love your current lipstick and it’s all set to run out, then you can save the bit of it for your further use. Swab the remaining lipstick from the case and mix it with Vaseline. Use a lip brush to apply it on your lips. Though the colour will not be as intense as it was. But still the presence of your favourite lipstick might bring you some respite.

Tip #2: When you’re trying out different shades of lipsticks, don’t put it on your lips. Do I need to tell the reason? The testers you’re using are not at all clean. Check the shade on your fingertips.

Tip #3: I know there’s myth prevailing that the lip liner is the old school thing. But wearing the lip liner can actually make your lipstick last longer and provide better-shaped lips to you. If you don’t like the coloured lip liners, you can use the nude ones.

Tip #4: Never use a darker lip liner with a light lipstick. Now that’s what I call an old school thing!

Tip #5: some people love to put the lipstick on their teeth. Okay, I’m just kidding. TO avoid your teeth getting stained simply wear your lipstick and put your index finger in your mouth. Pull it out. The excess of lipstick will get on your finger.

Tip #6: You can use your lipstick other than your lips. You can use it as your blush. But do not do it vice versa. Don’t use anything on your lips which is not meant to be there.

Tip #7: you can also put your liner after applying the lipstick to make it look more natural.

Tip #8: Choose the lipstick according to your age. The reason behind me saying so is that as you age your skin as well as lips tend to become drier day by day. So it’s best to choose creamier lipstick as you age. Do not use matte lipstick if you are in your late 40s.

Tip #9: don’t throw any lipstick. No matter how much you hate the colour, just keep it with you. You never know which amazing colour you’ll get my mixing two shades.

Tip #10: To make your lips look fuller, apply the liner outside the natural lip line of yours. After applying lipstick, put some lip gloss to the center of the lower and upper lips.

Tip #11: If you’re using Gloss Lipstick, don’t skip the lip liner. Gloss needs something to stick to. So don’t forget to apply your lip liner before filling your lips with lip gloss.

Tip #12: Don’t throw away the broken lipstick. Hold the broken piece over a flame and stick it to the base quickly. Swivel down and put the case in the fridge. Take it out after an hour.

Tip #13: If you have a bit yellower teeth, stay away from orange and brown shades of lipsticks. They have this tendency to make your teeth look yellow.

Tip #14: If you don’t like your lipstick getting smudged against the cup or the glass, then slightly lick the glass before putting your lips to it. But make sure nobody is watching you while you’re doing it.

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