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Lip Contouring- This Will Change Your Lipstick Game

You must have heard about face contouring, but did you know that you can also contour your lips? Just as your face you can also sculpt and add a new definition to your lips. This technique is perfect for you if you have thinner lips or if you already have fuller lips, but still want to add definition to them.

Lip contouring certainly involves a few extra steps and will take considerably more time than your normal lipstick application, but I promise that the results won’t disappoint you. So today I am going to take you along with me through a step by step tutorial for contouring your lips.

1. Start with a perfect canvas- Just like you start your face makeup with a clear and smooth canvas, for lips too you need a smooth base to start with. So in order to get a smooth and clear base, you need to scrub your lips really well with a sugar and honey lip scrub or with an old toothbrush so as to get rid of all the dead skin cells. To make the canvas even more clear and matte, apply a layer of your foundation or primer on your lips.

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2. Outline your lips- Once you are done prepping your lips, the next step is to line your lips with a lip liner that matches the colour of your lips. This will give a more defined shape to your lips and will also prevent the lipstick from bleeding.

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3. Add a darker liner at the outer corner- In order to add some dimension and depth to your lips use a lip liner which is a shade or two darker than your natural lip colour to line the outer v’s of your lips on both the sides. This will draw the light in the centre of the lips and make your pout appear bigger.

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4. Apply lip colour- The above step is followed by lipstick application. You need to really blend the lipstick into the liner so that there are no harsh lines. But make sure you only need to blend the two but you still want the dark lip liner to stay as only this will give your lips the definition we are looking for.

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5. Add shadows- So as we know that contouring is all about creating the right shadows in the particular area in order to make it look more defined. So even here we are going to do the same. For doing this, take your matte bronzer or your brown eyeshadow and with the help of a thin brush make a horizontal line 2-3 mm below your lower lip, this will give the illusion of fuller lips. The other trick is for your top lip. Apply a highlighter or a shimmer eyeshadow on your cupid’s bow to make it look plumper.

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6. Apply gloss- To add a bit of glamour to your pout apply some clear gloss in the centre of your lips so that it can catch even more light and appear fuller.

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7. Clean the edges- Once you are done with all the steps you need to clean up the edges to make it look sharper and defined. For this, you need a small concealer brush and concealer. Dip your concealer brush in the concealer and run it along the edges of your lips to clean up any smudges or tweaks.

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